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Why Linda Ronstadt Is Having Her Own “Running up That Hill” Moment

Once again, a buzzy TV show is to thank for introducing a new generation to a beloved music icon. 

After Linda Ronstadt‘s 1970 song “Long Long Time” was used during the Jan. 29 episode of HBO’s The Last of Us, it saw a 4,900% increase in streams on Spotify.

According to the streaming service, the song saw the spike between 11 p.m. and midnight ET, right after the episode aired. 

The song was used in a scene featuring Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett), two men who form a relationship in the midst of a global pandemic. After Bill allows Frank into his home, Frank notices his piano and rummages through the sheet music in his bench.

He finds The Best of Linda Ronstadt, turns to a page, says, “Oh my god, it’s my favorite,” and starts playing.

The song, of course, is “Long Long Time.”

He doesn’t make it very far, however, as Bill stops the off-key performance saying, “Not this song, not this song.”

Source link Linda Ronstadt is having her own moment of triumph with the re-release of her legendary single, “Running Up That Hill.” This hit from the 80s has been given a modern twist with the arrival of a 2021 cover version from critically-acclaimed alternative band ‘Galactic Vibe’.

The single is receiving huge praise from music critics and fans alike for its rich, soulful vibe and spellbinding vocals. Linda Ronstadt’s original vocals remain the same as always, with the addition of an updated production style courtesy of Galactic Vibe’s impressive electronic arrangements. The result is an impressive and updated track that pays tribute to a classic while feeling contemporary and unique.

For Linda Ronstadt fans, the surge of renewed interest in “Running Up That Hill” has likely been a long-awaited event. It has been over 30 years since the singer originally released the track, which has since been featured in many films and television shows over the years. Its timelessness and longevity have made it a favorite of generations of fans, making the re-release of this track an exciting one for fans.

Though Linda Ronstadt officially retired from music in 2011 due to medical treatments for Parkinson’s disease, this re-release is sure to spark a wave of appreciation and admiration for the singer’s incredible contribution to music. It also serves as a reminder of the spirit and determination of Linda Ronstadt, who continues to be an inspiration to aspiring musicians.

With its fresh sound and heartfelt emotion, the 2021 version of “Running Up That Hill” is a must-listen track. Its re-release is a testament to Linda Ronstadt’s impressive legacy, and it is sure to bring her fans the joy that she has brought with her music over the years.

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