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Why Marie Kondo Has “Kind Of Given Up” on Keeping Her Home Tidy – E! Online

While she’s still sparking joy, Marie Kondo is not tidying up at home as much these days. Why? One word: Kids.

The life of the Japanese organizing consultant—creator of the KonMari Method of tidying and star of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo—changed in more ways than one after she and husband Takumi Kawahara welcomed their third child, a son, in 2021.

“Up until now, I was a professional tidier, so I did my best to keep my home tidy at all times. I have kind of given up on that in a good way for me,” she said through an interpreter at a recent media webinar and virtual tea ceremony, The Washington Post reported Jan. 26, “Now I realize what is important to me is enjoying spending time with my children at home.”

Marie, also a mom to daughters Satsuki, 7, and Miko, 6, also said, “My home is messy, but the way I am spending my time is the right way for me at this time at this stage of my life.”

Source link Marie Kondo, the tidying guru and popular Netflix star, has taken her philosophy of organization and decluttering to the world – but what about her own home?

Recently, Kondo revealed to the Wall Street Journal that she has “kind of given up” on keeping her home tidy. Explaining that she works from home and is surrounded by her four young children, Kondo states that her “real life just can’t live up to the expectations” that come with the KonMari method of organization.

Despite a busy schedule heading her own tidying and organization empire and caring for her family, Kondo says that keeping her own home in order is more of a struggle than she anticipated. “I think I became so consumed with expanding the business… and of course raising children,” she explained. Having to create a balance between “creating an environment where I can please clients and customers” with her KonMari philosophy, and the chaos of parenting, Kondo states that it has been impossible to keep her own home in perfect order at all times.

Though Kondo found success in selling her tidying services and sparking a cultural movement on Netflix, her recent admission is a reminder to many of us that just because KonMari has become a popular lifestyle, it’s not always achievable. As a busy mom, Kondo doesn’t have to keep her entire home tidy to be successful and her mantra of “spark joy” still applies to her family life – not just her tidying duties.

By articulating the emotional and physical struggles of maintaining a perfect home, Kondo has redefined her philosophy to be accessible to everyone, recognizing that true joy comes from time spent with loved ones, not from a perfectly-ordered home.

On this note, Kondo maintains that tidying and organization are still important to her but that “on a day-to-day basis, it’s impossible to think I want everything to spark joy”. In other words, it’s okay to not live up to the expectations of ‘perfection’ with Kondo’s tidying methods. As Kondo has now recognized, even living in chaos can lead to joy sometimes.

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