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Why You Can Expect Nick Jonas to “Embarrass” Baby Malti in the Future

Nick Jonas will forever be his daughter’s biggest fan.

The “Chains” singer recently shared his hopes for his father-daughter relationship with Malti, his 12-month-old who he shares with wife Priyanka Chopra. The sweet words came as Nick and his brothers Joe and Kevin received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their band the Jonas Brothers—where Nick mentioned during his speech he “can’t wait to come back here in 15 years” and “embarrass” Malti in front of her friends.

“I will probably be embarrassing her all the time. I’ll be like, ‘I’m cool, I promise. I’m on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,'” Nick exclusively told E! News’ Chief Correspondent Keltie Knight on Jan. 30. “I’m looking forward to that.” (For more from the Jonas Brothers, tune in to E! News tonight at 11 p.m.)

It would be a full circle moment for Nick, who is thankful to have his loved ones close for his event, where Malti made her public debut one year after being born.

Source link Nick Jonas and his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, decided to adopt a puppy in April 2020. Baby Malti is an 8-month-old Husky-German Shepherd mix who has quickly become a part of the Jonas family.

Since its adoption, Nick has become Malti’s protector and adoring father. He has shared numerous pictures and videos of the two of them on his social media accounts and has expressed how much he loves his companion.

Malti is an incredibly cute and sweet pup who loves to explore the world. But, when it comes to Nick, Malti is a bit intimidated. That’s why it’s safe to say that, as Malti grows older, Nick is bound to “embarrass” her.

Nick loves to make Malti laugh and smile, which often means doing silly stunts and telling jokes that are intended for a much older audience. He also performs head tricks with Malti that involve looking enthusiastic or scolding the pup.

These sorts of tricks often result in Malti looking away or turning away in embarrassment. Obviously, Malti can’t really express her feelings like a human can, but it’s safe to say that she’s not a fan of some of Nick’s tactics.

The truth is, Nick loves to bring laughter and joy to Malti and the rest of his family. While it may be embarrassing in the moment, it’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces in the future.

It will be interesting to see how Malti’s relationship with Nick grows and changes over the years, and what further adventures the two will go on together. Until then, we can expect Nick’s antics to be the source of much “embarrassment” for Baby Malti.

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