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Will There Ever Be a Superstore Reunion? Jon Barinholtz Says… – E! Online

The thought of a possible Superstore reunion has us on Cloud 9.

And if star Jon Barinholtz has his way, the cast of the NBC comedy might be getting back together sooner rather than later.

“It’s definitely been talked about I would love it,” the American Auto star exclusively told E! News of a potential reunion. “What I’m trying to put out in the world is a Superstore movie. Or they can call it a special, whatever, just make it like an hour and a half, two hours long and get the gang back together.”

While no script is currently being worked on, Barinholtz and his co-stars—which included America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Nico Santos, Lauren Ash and many others—have stayed in touch since the show ended in March 2021.

“It’s truly one of the like most fondest work experiences I’ve ever had,” the actor gushed. “That cast is a cast that has friends in real life. Those are some of my dear friends and we all hang out and go to each other’s weddings and birthday parties. I love those people.”

Source link As die-hard Superstore fans hold out hope for a reunion, actor and comedian, Jon Barinholtz, weighed in recently to discuss the chances of an on-screen reunion for the beloved NBC series.

“The fact that I don’t think it’s gonna happen breaks my heart,” Barinholtz said during an interview on E! News in late January. “It’s still up in the air and I’m holding out hope.”

Based on the five-season comedy created by Justin Spitzer, Superstore follows the employees of a fictional megastore Cloud 9, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Fans of the show fell in love with its realistic albeit comedic take on the retail store experience while developing a connection through the individual stories of each character. Fans have taken to social media recently to share their hopes that the show’s writers and producers will come to an agreement to film a reunion special.

“All of us from the cast, we – especially during the pandemic – we hug each other through Zoom and Facetime and text,” Barinholtz continued. “The fact that we can’t be together and come together for a Superstore reunion really does bum us out. The harsh reality is that it’s unlikely to happen.”

Though Barinholtz says the likelihood of a Superstore reunion is unlikely, one can’t help but hold out hope. Superstore has become a significant part of pop culture and its six main cast members have only grown in popularity since its airing in 2015.

With that being said, pessimism is wrought with optimism and as long as fans keep sharing their thoughts and spreading the potential of a Superstore reunion, there’s always a chance that one day these beloved characters will reunite.

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