Will There Ever Be a Superstore Reunion? Jon Barinholtz Says…

The thought of a possible Superstore reunion has us on Cloud 9.

And if star Jon Barinholtz has his way, the cast of the NBC comedy might be getting back together sooner rather than later.

“It’s definitely been talked about I would love it,” the American Auto star exclusively told E! News of a potential reunion. “What I’m trying to put out in the world is a Superstore movie. Or they can call it a special, whatever, just make it like an hour and a half, two hours long and get the gang back together.”

While no script is currently being worked on, Barinholtz and his co-stars—which included America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Nico Santos, Lauren Ash and many others—have stayed in touch since the show ended in March 2021.

“It’s truly one of the like most fondest work experiences I’ve ever had,” the actor gushed. “That cast is a cast that has friends in real life. Those are some of my dear friends and we all hang out and go to each other’s weddings and birthday parties. I love those people.”

Source link For fans of the cult classic TV show Superstore, Jonathan Barinholtz’s comments during an interview with Collider have revitalized hopes of a reunion. When asked if there was any chance of the show coming back, Barinholtz responded, “I think it’s certainly a possibility. I mean, it was an incredible cast, it was an incredibly beloved show, and I know people would love to see it back in some way, shape, or form. So, that’s something that I think is worth exploring. I would love to see it happen.”

These comments come at an important time, as major networks are looking for ways to bring back older shows in order to meet unprecedented demand from fans who are unable to go to the movies and theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With production for new seasons and pilots delayed due to pandemic precautions, networks are turning to older fan favorites to help fill their programming.

Barinholtz’s comments hint at an optimistic future for the show and its fans. Superstore, which aired from 2015-2020 on NBC, follows a group of employees in a big-box store, exploring everything from politics to customer service throughout its five seasons. The show quickly gained traction with viewers, becoming a major hit and garnering two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

For now, the fate of a Superstore reunion remains up in the air but Barinholtz’s comments offer optimism that the show could make a comeback. While details of a reunion or revival remain to be seen, the thought of seeing all the beloved characters back together is sure to excite fans of the show.

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