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Wlliam Shatner Reunites With Ex-Wife Elizabeth Martin – Hollywood Life

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William Shatner landed back in his ex-wife’s orbit! The Star Trek icon, 91, was spotted with Elizabeth Martin, 64, on his arm at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Beverly Hills on January 20. Hosted by John Travolta, the show was reportedly the first red carpet event the pair attended together since announcing their split back in 2020, following 19 years of marriage. “My wife… she is the zest of life, she brings the flavor,” Shatner told The Mirror at the event, seemingly confirming the couple’s reconciliation.

William Shatner and his ex-wife Elizabeth Martin appear to be back together! (Gregg DeGuire/UPI/Shutterstock)

At the event, the actor was honored with the Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award for being the oldest person to travel to space after he took a ride on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket in October 2021. After landing back on Earth, Shatner told reporters at the time, “It was unbelievable. To see the blue color go right by you, and then you’re staring at blackness, that’s the thing… It was so moving.”

The appearance at the gala wasn’t the first time there was speculation of a reunion between the pair. In May 2021, Shatner hinted at it during an interview with The Guardian. Martin also reportedly joined him for his 90th birthday. Whatever the case, it’s amazing to see the couple together again and enjoying life!

Back in March 2020, the pair had filed for divorce. “Nothing makes me sad at this age. … It’s all good here. It’s all good. I wish everyone well,” Shatner told The Mirror following the news. The split came almost two decades after Shatner married Martin, whom he began dating after the tragic drowning death of his third wife, Nerine Kidd, in 1999.

Shatner was also married twice before Nerine. In 1973, he married actress Marcy Lafferty, who worked with Shatner in his 1980s series, TJ Hooker, and 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, only to divorce her in 1996. “The failure of our marriage certainly wasn’t her fault,” Shatner wrote in his autobiography. “Where divorce is concerned, it takes two to tangle. And I played my part. I certainly played my part.” Before Marcy, he was married to Gloria Rand from 1956 to 1969.

Source link The renowned actor William Shatner reunited this week with his ex-wife Elizabeth Martin after over two decades apart since their divorce.

The two were married for 18 years and had three children together, and despite their divorce the two have maintained a cordial relationship. Shatner remarried in 2001, but his marriage to Elizabeth Martin clearly left a lasting impact on both his career and life.

While attending a play on Broadway, the veteran actor was spotted embracing his ex-wife affectionately with a big hug and a kiss. The two donned stylish attire together and appeared to be catching up on lost time as they traded stories and laughter. It was a poignant reunion moment, and it was clear that the couple still shared a strong mutual love and respect.

While it is unclear what the reason behind their meeting was, the unexpected reunion seemed to come at a perfect time for the two. Assuming their bond is still as strong as ever, Shatner and his ex enjoyed a brief reunion until they had to go their separate ways.

It’s nice to see that time hasn’t faded the memories and memories of the couple’s years together, and that after all these years, there is still a connection between them. The much-loved actor is known for his extraordinary career spanning over six decades, and it is clear that his greatest success story of all is his loving relationship with Elizabeth Martin.

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