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WWE’s The Miz Reveals He Once Asked Bad Bunny to Do a Music Collab – E! Online

WWE‘s Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is just as big of a Bad Bunny fan as the singer is of wrestling.

But just because the two stars enjoy each other’s work doesn’t mean they want to join forces again, this time outside the ring. On the Jan. 25 episode of E! News, The Miz exclusively revealed that he and fellow wrestler John Morrison once asked the Grammy winner if he wanted to collab.

As for Bad Bunny’s response? “He said no, politely,” The Miz told E! News co-hosts Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and Justin Sylvester. “And then, we had a wrestling match afterwards at WrestleMania.” The singer emerged victorious after facing off against the two stars in a December 2021 match.

“John Morrison would always be like, ‘Hey, we should do a rap video,'” The Miz continued. “And I’m like, ‘Great. I can’t rap, nor can I sing, nor do I have a voice,’ and he goes, ‘Neither can I, but we can do it.’ So, imagine going up to the biggest musician in the world, Bad Bunny, and going, ‘Let’s do a collab.’ What do you think he would say?”

Source link WWE fan favorite, The Miz, revealed how one of his lifelong dreams would have come true had the collaboration of him and Bad Bunny come to fruition.

Last week, during an appearance on the After the Bell podcast with WWE network host Corey Graves, The Miz recounted his attempt to suggest a music collaboration with Bad Bunny, a reggaeton and Latin trap artist. Throughout the episode, which focused on Miz’s determination and success both in and out of the wrestling ring, the superstar recalled his attempt to reach out and work on a track with the Latin music sensation.

“It was something that I’ve always wanted to do in my career and I’ve tried to get in touch with Bad Bunny as well,” said Miz. He also mentioned that he has been a fan of Bad Bunny’s music since the artist’s breakout. “It didn’t work out but I was going to try to collaborate and do some music together. I haven’t given up and maybe something’s down the line, but that’s definitely been a dream of mine.”

Miz, who is no stranger to the music world, is no slouch. The WWE Superstar’s accomplishments have not been focused solely on his wrestling career, as he is a multi-faceted entertainer with numerous projects under his belt, branching into technology, health and fitness, film, and now music.

While his dream of a Bad Bunny collaboration came and went, there is always hope that fans might get a Miz-centered banger in the near future. However, he reassured fans that regardless of the outcome, his penchant for success won’t be halted anytime soon.

“In my career I’ve been able to do so many different things and nobody has seen the tip of the iceberg yet,” said Miz. “I’ve got so much stuff in the works, from music to film to technology development, it’s all gonna be coming together and I can’t wait to show it!”

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